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Wyoming Medical Center Reaches Multimillion Fraud Award

Mar 11 | 2012  by

In this era of increasing health care costs and budget constraints, allegations of Medicare Fraud need to be aggressively pursued to maintain the integrity of the system.  On October 15, 2007, Gale Bryden filed a lawsuit against her former employer, Wyoming Medical Center (WMC), under the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act.  Ms. Bryden alleged that WMC had committed Medicare Fraud.

Specifically, Ms. Bryden stated that WMC submitted requests to Medicare for reimbursement that were inconsistent with patient records, changed the admission status of patients without a physician order, and billed Medicare for unnecessary inpatient admissions.

The United States conducted an extensive investigation and found evidence to support the allegations of fraud.

The WMC settled this case with the United States and must pay $2.7 million in damages arising from the alleged fraud.  Ms. Bryden, as compensation for filing the case and assisting the United States in its investigation, will receive a share of this settlement.  The assistance of citizens like Ms. Bryden is essential to combat this abuse of the system.  Corporations allegedly seeking to increase profits at the expense of taxpayers can expect an aggressive investigation.

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