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The Importance of Implementing a Computer Network Policy

Apr 23 | 2014  by

In an office setting, supervisors have known that improper use of the company’s technology results in poor productivity and lost profit.  There’s nothing worse than walking into an employee’s workspace and seeing Facebook or YouTube on the computer screen.  One of the most effective tools for preventing such abuse is implementing and enforcing a written computer network policy.

Regardless of the type of company, any computer network/IT policy should meet certain minimum standards.  The main purpose of such a policy is to explicitly define permitted and prohibited uses of the company’s computer systems.  The policy should state what the consequences for violations are as well.

Such a policy should be in writing and distributed to all employees.  Additionally, the employer needs to obtain from each employee an acknowledgment (in writing) that they received, read, and agree to abide by the policy.

In short, such a policy needs to convey to all employees that the company owns the computer systems, there is no expectation of privacy, and violations of the policy can result in discipline.  Having such a policy in place can increase productivity and keep employees accountable.

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