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The Impact of Social Media on Marriages

Jul 24 | 2014  by

Certainly, couples choose to divorce for a litany of reasons. Some of the most common include infidelity, domestic violence, addiction issues, financial matters, and communication breakdown. In my practice, I also experience many marriages impacted by social media. Facebook, in particular, impacts every aspect of our lives.  Online dating websites are also becoming more common tipping points in a marriage.

The Internet makes everything more accessible.  With the use of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, life events do not occur gradually anymore. I have had cases where people meet strangers online to commence a relationship or even just a sexual encounter. Temptation and impulses are certainly preyed upon by the speed of the internet and social media. The perceived anonymity afforded by the internet makes lying and cheating much easier than face-to-face encounters.

The internet also triggers addictions. Pornography, prostitution, and online gambling are keystroke away.  People obtain a prescription and illegal drugs online today. I have had several situations where a marriage breakdown is caused by one spouse spending his or her entire day on the internet.

All relationships, as well as basic human functioning, are highly and increasingly impacted by the internet and social media. I have experienced it having a greater influence on my family law practice and on the lives of my clients.

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