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New Bill Introduced to Fight Bridge Card Fraud

Apr 5 | 2013  by

State Representatives Roger Victory and Gail Haines announced new legislation that will penalize retailers committing Bridge Card Fraud.

“It is my job to protect hard-working Michigan taxpayers from waste and abuse of our welfare system, as well as protect our retailers from unfair competition,” said Victory.

The bills are meant to punish those retailers who abuse the state’s welfare system by allowing Bridge Card users to purchase liquor and lottery tickets with their Bridge Card funds. By overcharging a customer on another item, retailers allow Bridge Card users to purchase items the Card does not in fact cover.

Victory says the legislation is an attempt not only to penalize those retailers who abuse the system, but it is also an attempt to discourage future Bridge Card fraud.

If passed, the bills would provide consequences for those retailers abusing the system. With the first offense, the business would have its liquor or lotto license suspended for 60 days. With the second offense, the license would be revoked. Haines says it is these steep penalties that will help to prevent Bridge Card fraud. 

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