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Michigan Working to Make Courts More Efficient

Dec 4 | 2012  by

Michigan Trial Courts may soon be working smarter and more efficiently, thanks to an initiative by the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO).  With a program entitled “Courts Working Smarter for a Better Michigan,” the SCAO will be measuring the performance of Michigan trial courts.

The plan allows the courts to identify performance issues, set goals, and improve performance. For example, the plan analyzes how long it takes for a case to be heard by a judge.  Courts can then see where the problems lie and work to correct them in order to shorten the time cases sit in limbo.

Additionally, courts will measure what percentage of jurors called to duty actually serve on a trial.  Customer satisfaction surveys will also be provided to people using the courthouse as a way to improve customer service.

Lastly, the courts will also be able to review the reliability and integrity of case files – having accurate court records is indispensable for an effective appeal. Perhaps best of all, these measures will be provided to members of the bar and the public, providing for greater transparency of the courts to Michigan citizens.

To read the Michigan Bar Journal article about the steps being taken by the SCAO to improve the efficiency of the courts, please visit the Michigan Bar website.

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