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Michigan Legislation Makes Strides Towards Biker Safety, Bikers Help Needed

Sep 14 | 2016  by

All summer, the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) has been working hard to help bikers across the state by making efforts to improve biker safety laws. Finally, there is some positive news regarding their efforts.

The LMB has received notice that a committee hearing is scheduled on September 20th for their vulnerable roadway user and 5-foot-passing bills. These bills require motorists to pass bicyclists with a minimum of five feet as well as create increased penalties for drivers who injure or kill a cyclist. On top of these efforts, State Senator Margaret O’Brien will introduce a bill mandating that Michigan driver’s education curriculum include three or more hours of information concerning the laws pertaining to bicycles.

Although the LMB recognizes there is a lot of future work that needs to be done beyond these bills, they believe that these are a step in the right direction and are a feasible goal for the year 2016.

How can you help? The best thing to do is to sign and share the action alert at www.LMB.org/takeaction. The more emails into legislation offices, the better! Also, you can share this information on all social media accounts to help pass the word around.

If you represent an organization, club, or business, consider writing a short letter of support to the Senate Judiciary Committee. This written support will help supplement testimony provided by various partner organizations and victims the LMB has lined up across the state.

If you are interested in attending the hearing, please contact the LMB’s office ASAP for more details.