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Michigan Foreclosure Fraud

May 15 | 2012  by

With thousands of Michigan homeowners trying to recover from foreclosures on their homes, the last thing they need is the ‘help’ of someone like Rickey White. White, a 46-year-old Westland resident, was allegedly involved in an extensive foreclosure-rescue scam that targeted over 350 cash-strapped Michigan homeowners for over $800,000.

White and his made-up companies, Expert Financial, and Braunstein & Associates, allegedly offered prospective clients mortgage modifications for an upfront fee, with a full money-back guarantee. As days, weeks, and months went by, consumers started to get weary as they were receiving nothing for their money. White kept consumers on the hook by telling them the modifications weren’t easy and were still in the works.

In response to numerous complaints from homeowners around the Metro-Detroit area, the Attorney General’s Office brought charges against White last Wednesday. Attorney General Bill Schutte announced that the State of Michigan will do whatever it can to dismantle these criminals who prey on the financially unstable.

Citizens who believe they may have been victims are encouraged to file complaints with the Attorney General’s Office.

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