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Government Financial Help for Michigan Small Businesses

May 3 | 2013  by

Businesses in Michigan that are relocating or making improvements to their buildings or property may be eligible to receive grant money or tax abatements from local governments.  Under a number of Michigan laws, including the Downtown Development Act and the Brownfield Redevelopment Act, many local governments offer grant funds for businesses to use to make improvements to their property.   In addition, other Michigan laws, like the Commercial Redevelopment Act and the Industrial Facilities Development Act, allow local governments to provide tax abatements to qualifying commercial and industrial businesses.

If your business is relocating, or if you are considering making improvements to the business buildings and property, it is worthwhile to find out if there are local grants or tax abatements that may be available. Fausone Bohn LLP has extensive experience in applying these state laws and working with the local governments who are authorized to make grant and tax abatement decisions.  If you would like further information about these business grants and tax abatements, contact Fausone Bohn, LLP at (248) 380-0000 or online.