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Former Nursing Home Employee Terrorizes Resident in Michigan

Jul 13 | 2015  by

On behalf of Fausone Bohn, LLP on Monday, July 13, 2015.

Daniel Williams, Esq.

The arrest of 21 year old Tyler Malone serves as a reminder that nursing home abuse does not have to simply be physical abuse, but can also take form as emotional and mental abuse.

While working in 2014 as a resident assistant at Life House Crystal Springs in Gaines Township, Michigan, he targeted an 86-year-old female resident to prey on. The abuse he inflicted was equivalent to psychological torture. He harassed her with repeated phone calls; threw shoes at her; dumped water on her; made threats of sexual assault; and stalked her.

Kent County sheriff’s deputies were made aware of his actions from family members and coworkers, who quickly arrested the suspect. He is charged with second-degree vulnerable adult abuse and stalking and is currently held in the Kent County Jail.

Sadly, there are more people like Malone still employed at assisted living facilities around the state. Their method of abuse leaves victims with emotional scars instead of physical scars. With no visible injuries, it is difficult to prove any abuse has taken place, especially if the aggressor uses scare-tactics to keep the victim silent.

This is why it is paramount for victims of elder abuse to speak up immediately. Family and friends also need to be vigilant when visiting the elder in a nursing home. Your family deserves aggressive representation to ensure your loved ones’ rights are protected. No citizen deserves that kind of neglect or harmful treatment.

If you suspect a care facility or in-home care service has acted negligently, you need to contact attorney Dan Williams immediately. As a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County in the Elder Abuse Unit, and a current elder abuse attorney for Fausone Bohn LLP, he has vast expertise handling these types of cases. He will fight to ensure that all involved in the matter are held accountable, and is prepared to go to trial if need be.

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