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Ex-McCotter Staffers Petition Fraud Case Continues

Jan 14 | 2012  by

A unique election petition fraud case continues the controversy surrounding ex-staffers for Thaddeus McCotter. Wayne County Circuit Judge Marie Braxton was supposed to hear arguments Wednesday, January 9th, pertaining to the dismissal of felony conspiracy counts that carry the potential for a five-year prison sentence for Don Yowchuang, former deputy district director, and Paul Seewald, former district director and former classmate of McCotter. However, Judge Braxton postponed the hearing and will instead rule on the motion before sentencing the pair on January 18, 2013.

Mr. Seewald’s attorney, Mark Mandell of Fausone Bohn, LLP in Northville, has said he is prepared to take the case to trial if Judge Braxton refuses to drop the felony charges. Moreover, Mandell will subpoena Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to testify. Mandell states that the case has not been fully investigated, and as a result, has tarnished the reputation of Mr. Seewald. “It’s the most difficult situation to go through to have someone doubt your integrity, which is what has happened,” said Seewald.

Both Paul Seewald and Don Yowchuang have previously entered pleas pertaining to the fiasco that cost McCotter his congressional career.  Seewald pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts for falsely signing petitions as circulator, while Yowchuang pleaded no contest to 10 felony counts and six misdemeanors.

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