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Big Nursing Home Settlement Provides Example of How Cooperation Brings Justice for Victims

Apr 13 | 2015  by

The Aristocrat Nursing Home in Naples, Florida recently settled a dispute with Florida state authorities for the failure to care for a 90-year-old man who was left outside for hours in the hot sun last year.

The settlement requires the nursing home to pay $15,000 in fines to state regulators, which is in addition to the $85,000 fine levied last fall by the feds. And those fines likely do not spell the end of the nursing home’s troubles.

Because an investigation has already been done at both the state and federal levels, those reports provide a huge asset for a family member looking to take the case to a personal injury or elder abuse attorney to begin an action in civil court. While the state and federal fines penalize the nursing home, the reports from this incident in Naples can help a family’s loved one obtain justice and seek damages for the abuse and negligent acts perpetrated by the nursing home employees.

This case provides a prime example of how cooperation can help right the wrongs done by nursing homes and their employees.

If your loved one falls victim to such treatment, remember that while prosecutors may go forward with criminal charges, you can seek a remedy in civil courts and obtain monetary damages by seeking an elder abuse or personal injury attorney.

Daniel J. Williams is an Elder Abuse Attorney with Fausone Bohn, LLP. The firm has former prosecutors and experienced attorneys who can help you and your family right the wrongs done to your loved one, whether it be nursing home abuse or financial exploitation. Call the Metro Detroit Elder Abuse attorneys today, at 248-380-0000, or visit us online at www.fb-firm.com.