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Attorney John Walsh Graces Cover of Michigan Bar Journal

Mar 26 | 2013  by

As a member of the 97th State Legislature, Lawyer-Legislator John Walsh, Speaker Pro Tempore, and an attorney at Fausone Bohn, LLP found himself on the cover of the March issue of the Michigan Bar Journal. Along with 16 other lawyer-legislators, Walsh was interviewed about the juxtaposition between his experiences as an attorney and the life of a Representative in the public eye.

In the article, John Walsh states that choosing to enter public service seemed a natural move from his core training in the legal field. John emphasizes a desire for a “more thoughtful and focused legal system,” one that could be bolstered by his thorough knowledge of our legal history and the current system in which we live.  

While John supports numerous causes, he hopes to bring real change to issues that remain close to home: focusing on the state funding of Michigan courts and the defense system regarding indigent defendants. His drive to improve the operation of local, county and state funding will help those citizens that the legal system is meant to serve.

Despite their positive contributions to society, many point to the negative public image and the constant barrage of criticism that both lawyers and politicians face. John’s response? “While it may sound a bit trite,” John says, “lawyers should accentuate the positive.” His positive outlook for progress serves as a reminder of the beneficial services provided by both attorneys and politicians every day.

To learn more about John Walsh, feel free to visit our website at FB-Firm.com. Read the full issue featuring John Walsh Michigan Bar Journal (PDF).