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Ann Arbor Plans to Renovate Historic State Theatre

Aug 30 | 2017  by

By Beth Florkowski of Fausone Bohn, LLP posted in News and Press on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

Paul Bohn, Esq.

If you’ve been to downtown Ann Arbor, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the historic State Theatre. The City of Ann Arbor’s Planning Commission has decided to renovate the facility. The new development would double the viewing capacity from 2 to 4 individual screens, bringing the total viewer capacity to around 460 people.

Along with the increased viewing capacity, the theatres will have newly installed seating with plenty of leg room, elevators, updated lobby areas, improved bathrooms, and all theatres will comply with the American Disabilities Act. While the plans still await approval from the City, ownership hopes to begin work late this fall in time for the theatre’s 75th anniversary.

The Michigan Theatre Foundation purchased the State Theatre in 2014. CEO Russ Collins says they are willing to invest 2 to 3 million dollars on the project. Collins explains they are focused on making the theatre a great overall movie watching experience as well as restoring the “wow” factor to the facility. Collins hopes to announce the final plans in the coming weeks.