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Michigan Frog and Toad Survey

Paul Bohn, Esq.

The Michigan Frog and Toad Survey sends volunteers on routes of their own choosing to the edges of various wetlands to find frogs and toads. The results of the survey go into the Michigan Herpetological Atlas, which is administered for the Department of Natural Resources. However, they are not required to catch any amphibians; they are required to simply listen to them.

When asked what kind of noise a frog makes, a lot of people wouldn't know exactly how answer. Although I have no confirmation, I would imagine a lot of people would say the noise made by a frog is a "ribbit."

People that answer "ribbit" certainly wouldn't be wrong, but they aren't 100% correct either. The reason for that is that each species of frogs makes a distinct noise. They can ribbit, but they can also chirp, croak, whistle, peep, cluck, bark, and grunt.

If you sign up for the Michigan Frog and Toad Survey, you are able to learn the frog calls for all of the 13 species of frogs online here. After you learn the frog calls, participating in the survey is stress-free.

Participants are required to go near their chosen wetland twice a year, once in late spring and once in early summer. When participants hear a frog calling, they then try to identify the call and gauge how many animals are making noise.

Although it may not be as exciting, if a volunteer does not hear any frog callings, it is still vital information to the survey.

The data gained from the survey it vitally important to researchers as it helps them understand where frogs are doing well and where they are dwindling.

All in all, the Michigan Frog and Toad Survey can be a great and easy way to learn more about frogs and toads, as well as learn more about the ecosystems in Michigan that surround our homes. If the Michigan Frog and Toad Survey is of interest to you, you can find more information at the Michigan DNR website.

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