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New Year's Resolution: Dust off that Estate Plan

Dust Off Estate Plan.pngBreeda K. O'Leary, Esq.

As the words from "Auld Lang Syne" echo in your head and you adjust to writing "2020," you should also use the New Year's Holiday as a reminder to dust off and review your Estate Plan. Here's a countdown of the six things that can you can do right now to ensure that your Estate Plan works for you:

Don't Ring in the New Year with an OWI

New Year Champagne.jpgMark Mandell, Esq.

Thousands of people will head out on New Year's Eve to celebrate ringing in the New Year. Police officers will be out in full force looking for any signs that someone may be driving under the influence. No one wants to begin the new year with an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge.

Is Your Business Prepared for the 4 "D"s - Divorce, Death, Disability, and Debt?

business-idea-2988085_1920.jpgDan Artaev, Esq.

The four "D"s - divorce, death, disability, and debt - are realities of life that no one likes to think about. However, planning for the bad as well as the good is a part of running a business. With a proper plan in place, a company will suffer much less disruption and uncertainty when the unthinkable happens.

California's New Privacy Law Could Change the Personal Data Landscape

privacy data security.jpgBenjamin A. Tigay, Esq.

Starting January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect. As more and more companies compete for consumers' personal data, California has taken an aggressive step to regulate business' data collection practices. The CCPA imposes regulations for businesses that trade in consumer data.

Environmental Nonprofit Achieves Tax-Exempt Status

Attorneys Paul Bohn and Brandon Grysko recently assisted the Plant a Million Corals Foundation in achieving tax-exempt status as a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Achieving a tax-exempt status means that the nonprofit will not have to pay income tax. Donors may also be able to claim charitable deductions on their own individual taxes. This is a huge win for any nonprofit because charitable donations are often their lifeblood.

Thanksgiving Eve Launches Dangerous DUI Season

Drinksgiving.pngBrandon Grysko, Esq.

Mark Mandell, Esq.

Given a number of nicknames, including Drinksgiving or Blackout Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve has become to represent an evening of heavy drinking, due to many individuals, including college students who can now legally drink, returning to their hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday.

What Businesses Should Know About Michigan's New Discovery Rule Changes

folders- edit.jpgBen Tigay, Esq.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Michigan civil discovery process will change dramatically. Among the changes are new duties on the retention of electronically stored information (ESI), which includes emails, word documents, PDFs, etc. Here is what businesses should know about preserving ESI before and during litigation.

Employers Should Consider an Anti-Marijuana Stance, Even in "Green" States


Brandon Grysko, Esq.

In the not-so-distant past, employers could-and did-simply have a blanket prohibition on possession and use of illegal drugs in the workplace. However, this issue has become more complicated as voters in Michigan have approved marijuana use for both recreational (adult-use) and medical purposes. Employers should revise their policies to make their position on marijuana clear. Even though marijuana is legal in Michigan, employers should still consider an anti-pot stance.

Employment Protections for LGBTQ Workers


Brandon Grysko, Esq.

Employers should be aware of recent legal changes pertaining to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (LGBTQ) workers. Although there is major political controversy surrounding the scope of existing employment laws, employers need to be aware that many courts and administrative agencies consider gender identity and sexual orientation to be protected classifications under current sex-discrimination laws.

Fall Evaporation on the Great Lakes Could Determine Potential Damage

lake-superior-4047501_1920.jpgPaul Bohn, Esq.

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Great Lakes water levels were the highest recorded since 1986. At this time of the year, water levels normally decrease due to evaporation. Water levels are currently declining, but that is on top of already high-water levels.

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