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Mark J. Mandell

Underage drinking has proven to be a concern in young America for decades. Not only does it lead to dangerous situations, but alcohol also affects two vital parts of the brain that are still developing throughout the teenage years. These effects can result in irreversible brain changes that impact decision making, personality, memory and learning abilities.

The 35th District Court's Sobriety Court Program

Mark J. Mandell

In the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville area alone, there are over 1,200 alcohol and drug-related arrests per year. The majority of these offenses are as a result of drunk driving. Depending on the severity of the offense, alternatives to jail time are available. In an effort to combat the issue in a productive way, the 35th District Court of Plymouth offers a Sobriety Court program for persons convicted of a drinking and driving offense. This program is intensive, involving supervision from a Sobriety Court Probation Officer, mandatory treatment, random testing, community service, education programs, and frequent appearances in front of a District Court Judge. Below is a further breakdown of the different parts of the program. Moving forward to another path involves completing the prior path. Path One is the base of the program.

Myths About Blood Alcohol Content Levels

Mark J. Mandell, Esq.

How much alcohol you drink, your weight, sex, and age determine your blood alcohol content levels. The more you drink, the higher your BAC levels and the higher your levels, the more severe the consequences are for a DUI conviction. An experienced defense attorney like Mark Mandell knows the ins and outs of the fines and penalties surrounding a DUI charge. When you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI you want a qualified attorney in your corner to relieve the burden and assist you through the legal process.

Blockchain Technology Moves Forward

Jim Fausone, Esq.

Proposed legislation in Ohio looks to join the state with Arizona and potentially Tennessee, Florida, and California in recognizing smart contracts and electronic records that are stored using blockchain technology. Matt Dolan, a republican senator in Ohio, introduced legislation that would amend the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

Supreme Court Resolves Fourth Amendment Battling Precedent

Mark Mandell, Esq.

Recently the Supreme Court has been a strong defender of the Fourth Amendment's privacy protections regarding unreasonable searches and seizures. Several years ago, the high court ruled that police must obtain a warrant in order to search outside a private home. However, the Fourth Amendment generally exempts automobiles from warrant policies because they can quickly flee.

Supreme Court Holds Arbitration Agreements are Enforceable

Jim Fausone, Esq.

This month the Supreme Court released a significant employment law decision that may impact future employer-employee disputes. In Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis the high court ruled in favor of the employer. The issue originated from a group of employees wishing to litigate employment disputes through collective actions in federal court. Upon employment, the employees entered into a contract providing for individualized arbitration proceedings to resolve employment disputes between the parties. The court was charged with determining whether or not individualized arbitration agreements, which prevent employees from bringing collective actions against their employer, are enforceable.

Supreme Court Strikes Act Barring Legal Sports Gambling

Mark Mandell, Esq.

Much of the sports world is discussing the high court's significant decision on sports gambling released this week. In Murphy v. NCAA, the court was asked to determine whether the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) infringed on the state's legislative authority.

Effects of Pot On Driving

Mark Mandell, Esq.

As the jazz lyric goes, "everything old is new again," and it is fitting that the line comes from that genre, given that musicians and aficionados of the one true American form of music are thought to be among the first in America to tune into pot. The herb, whose medicinal use dates back to China, circa 2700 B.C., is making a big comeback in the U.S., having been made illegal here in 1937.

Governor Snyder Supports Water Infrastructure Updates

Jim Fausone, Esq.

Governor Rick Snyder showed his support for Rep. Larry Inman's proposal to invest $110 million to help rebuild Michigan's water infrastructure. Critical repairs to the water and sewer systems state-wide will ensure citizens have access to safe drinking water, as well as protect our natural resources. A recent poll suggests strong support for legislative action relating to these issues.

High Times for Michigan Teens

Mark Mandell, Esq.

As of this writing, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, and the District of Columbia, and recreational pot, lawful in nine states, and D.C. What's more, with John Boehner, the most recent Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, now on the Advisory Board of a company that cultivates, processes, and distributes cannabis in 11 states, THESE tea leaves surely would seem to be telling us that, in the U.S., pot is going to be more widely used and accepted than it ever has been.

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