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MI Court of Appeals Rules on Emotional Support Animals and Housing

The issue of "Emotional Support Animals" (ESA) has been in the news with reports of an ESA peacock and miniature horse being permitted on airlines. Governments have allowed citizens with certain psychological disabilities to register ESAs to help them in their daily lives, including the Fair Housing Act.

A handicap or disability for purposes of the Fair Housing Act provides that a landlord may not discriminate because of a handicap by refusing to make reasonable accommodations. Often, a landlord suspects that a tenant does not actually require an ESA and is using the protection to simply avoid a prohibition on animals on the property.

Turbines to Pinwheels - Could Painted Wind Turbine Blades Reduce Avian Deaths?

For some Michigan residents, wind turbines are fairly common, especially for those in the Mid-Michigan/Thumb area. Renewable wind-energy definitely has its perks: it is cheaper than burning fossil fuels and has a low carbon footprint. But one of the biggest challenges for wind farm owners is reducing the threat to avian populations.

Enforcing Covenant Not To Compete Agreements During COVID19

For the past six months, hundreds of thousands of employees across the nation have experienced furloughs or lay-offs; and many are bound to Covenant not to Compete Agreements with their former employers. Non-Compete Agreements have a history of shifts in their use; first they were restricted, then allowed, and shifted to a broad use - which is what we currently see. But with both parties - employers and employees - experiencing loss of revenue and salary reductions during COVID19, the big question is: How are courts enforcing Covenant Not to Compete Agreements?

Election Workers Needed: Be the MVP, Serve Your Democracy

With what some might call the most divisive presidential election in recent history; it will also be the most logistically challenging. We know by now, many readers are tired of hearing the words "COVID-19" and "Coronavirus". But desperate democratic times call for desperate measures. With social distancing and facemasks becoming a somewhat common sight to see, many older individuals with pre-existing conditions are opting out of Polling Work; but that doesn't mean democracy stops!

Michigan Executive Order 2020-153: Face Masks

Recently, Governor Gretchen Whitmer enacted Executive Order 2020-153, which added minor changes to EO 2020-147. Most notably, this Executive Order requires all people leaving their place of residence to wear a mask or face covering. The order also places more responsibility on business owners, who can no longer accept the assumption that an unmasked customer cannot medically tolerate a face covering. It's important for businesses to check with their customers who are not wearing face coverings to verify that indeed they cannot medically tolerate one. Face masks and the enforcements of them have been a hot topic since this pandemic began. I've received many questions from concerned individuals, clients, and HR professionals relating to this issue. Thus, in this article, I am going to provide some practical tips for business owners who may encounter a customer or patron not wearing a face covering.

What Will Unions Do In Times Of Crisis?

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Carroll, Executive Vice President, Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLC). PSLC is a full service Labor/HR Consulting firm who works alongside law firms assisting their clients with union campaigns, management training in labor relations, human resources, among many additional services. The main reason I wanted to chat with Mr. Carroll was to discuss how Unions can capitalize on a business owner's missteps, whether in an OSHA or Wage and Hourly Violation context, to try and appeal to employees when they're organizing or trying to gain a foothold on a business.

4 Steps Every Business Owner Needs in Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID-19

A favorite quote that describes the past several months is, "The only certainty is that nothing is certain," by Pliny the Elder. When will the pandemic end? What effect will it have on business? Will there be a vaccine available soon? What about a second wave? No one is certain!

Many experts believe a second wave of infections is possible. Yet, no one is certain when or how severe it will be. The best advice attorney Brandon Grysko can give a business owner is to: "Be Prepared." Read on to find out more from Brandon.

Emails Sent From Work May be Discoverable in Your Divorce!

Katherine A. Krysak and Abigail Richards, Esq.

Recently, a Michigan Court of Appeals Panel ruled that a divorcing employee may not have a reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to emails sent from his work computer to his divorce attorney.

Witnesses Against a Criminal Defendant Must be in Person

Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court held that video testimony from a witness for the prosecution was unconstitutional. In a unanimous decision, the Court stated that the defendant in a criminal trial had the right to confront witnesses against him in person. While the decision follows the long legal history about the Confrontation Clause, the decision comes during the Coronavirus pandemic and the age of Zoom meetings.

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