Alcohol Related Crimes & Drivers License Appeals and Restoration

You think it can't happen to you. You tell yourself it was only a couple of drinks, but alcohol related crimes have effects that can impact your life in numerous ways. Our attorneys, led by Mark Mandell, will help you understand your rights and potential defenses. We fully understand your fears and concerns that go along with being charged and or convicted of an alcohol related crimes.  Our attorneys have years of experience in drunk driving cases and know the law.  Also, we aggresively assist and advocate on behalf of our clients in mitigating the damage associated with being convicted of an alcohol crime.  We will place you in a position before the court, whether by legal defense or seeking alcohol abuse treatment, to maximixe the best possible results so that you can move forward in life.

By reviewing the below information, you will gain a better understanding of the maximum penalty the Court could impose, based on various criminal acts.