Mom Calls Heroic Daughter 'Gift From God'

Norman Sinclair / The Detroit News

DETROIT -- Selietha Parker knows it's not supposed to be this way.

She knows it's a mother's job to protect her daughter. And she's awestruck that her 7-year-old daughter, Alexis, had the courage to reverse the roles and step in front of an enraged gunman to shield her mother. Alexis took six 9-millimeter bullets in the attack.

"She saved my life," Parker, 30, said Monday. "She is a special gift from God."

Parker spoke Monday for the first time since the Dec. 2 shooting, recounting the horror of the night when, according to police, her ex- boyfriend opened fire, shooting Parker before Alexis stepped in the path of the barrage.

And she expressed profound gratitude to a community that has responded with an outpouring of concern and generosity.

Alexis will undergo her third surgery today at Children's Hospital to repair her eye, left temple, jaw, cheek, chin, chest and right arm. She has already lost an eye from the shooting and remains in critical condition. Alexis had a stroke as an infant and suffers from epilepsy.