Land Title Litigation And Dispute Resolution Practice

Fausone Bohn maintains a diverse land title litigation and dispute resolution practice. Our clients include individual property owners, local and national banks and mortgage lenders, mortgage servicing companies, title insurance companies and Michigan title companies.

A most common refrain in real property law is that property is unique to its owner. Our success in vindicating our clients’ property rights tells us that this is old adage is not only true, but reflects one of the most personal and fundamental rights we enjoy in our free society. Our attorneys in this practice have successfully resolved our clients’ disputes in all facets of Michigan real property law, including matters of mortgage priority, boundary disputes, trespass, enforcement of purchase agreements, construction liens, foreclosure of mortgages and land contracts, title insurance defense for lenders and property owners, mortgage fraud, breach of contract and eminent domain.

In our land title practice we pursue the most efficient and cost-effective means of resolving our clients’ disputes, both in the course of litigation and in pre-suit dispute resolution. Unfortunately some matters can only be resolved with resort to our Courts. When our clients must rely on Court action for resolution of their disputes, our attorneys will aggressively protect their rights and interests in all stages of litigation, from our filing of proper initial pleadings through trial, and on appeal if necessary. Our lawyers in this practice are trial lawyers. We have tailored our practice to the particular needs of our clients in this niche field in which knowledge and experience are paramount. We welcome you to contact Christopher S. Frescoln at (248) 380-0000, extension 3070, if you require representation or legal counsel relative to a property dispute.