Over Two Decades Of Handling Simple To Complex Property Disputes

No matter whose name is on the property, any debt or asset acquired during a Michigan marriage must be equitably divided. The higher a person's net worth, the more complicated the division of assets and debts can be. We work with divorcing couples to resolve disputes over separate and marital property. Every spouse is obligated to disclose all financial records during a divorce. If a person fails to disclose all information during the division of assets, the court may impose a severe financial penalty. Our attorneys represent people in property disputes involving:

  • Family businesses
  • Commercial properties
  • Retirement plans, accounts and pensions
  • Professional licenses and advanced degree
  • Residential real estate, including out-of-state vacation homes

Our Team Of Lawyers And Experts Work To Protect Your Rights

When disputes do arise about the division of assets and debts, we will work with appraisers, accountants and other experts to ensure your rights are protected. We will ensure that property is valuated appropriately and help you to walk away with what you are entitled to receive. We understand that certain property is not always about the money. There are certain pieces of property with sentimental value that are invaluable and irreplaceable. We will be your advocate so you can hold onto family heirlooms and keep what is most important to you.

Tell Us About Your Marriage And Assets. We Will Take It From There.

Do not let your soon-to-be ex-spouse take away your rights and property. Our team will aggressively fight for you and protect what is yours.

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