Metro Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

When a person's future and freedom is on the line, they want to know that there are criminal defense lawyers that are available and ready to fight aggressively on their behalf. At Fausone Bohn, our criminal defense attorney Mark Mandell has the expertise and experience to help you with your criminal defense needs. Equipped and empathetic, attorney Mandell will ensure that every avenue of preparation is taken and every issue is identified. At Fausone Bohn, we use our knowledge to recognize instances where your rights can be protected. Our solid, effective reputation was built by taking on high profile cases and working to achieve the best possible result. We treat you like you want to be treated - with professionalism, respect and compassion.

Attorney Mark Mandell is an experienced criminal law attorney who is available to help you with your legal needs with an intentive and knowledgable approach to the area of practice. You can view Mark's experience here or call him to schedule an initial consultation at 734-707-7741.