Real Estate Transactions And Land Use

Real estate developers want to grow their businesses, just like anyone else. Before they can do anything, however, they need to acquire the land. At the law firm of Fausone Bohn, LLP, we understand Michigan zoning laws. We have helped many big box retailers and other commercial developers get the variances, credits, and zoning permits that they needed to develop the land for commercial land use.

If you want to build, and do not yet have the local government's permission, call our firm for a consultation with a skilled commercial real estate attorney at 248-468-4536.

Our General Real Estate Practice

Our firm is staffed to help property owners, builders and developers throughout the real estate acquisition and development process. This includes services such as advising buyers and sellers through the sale and/or purchase, as well as drafting and reviewing transactional documents.

Resolving Challenged Property Matters

We have an extensive environmental law background and experience with all forms of development and construction projects. This knowledge makes us uniquely suited in assisting clients in identifying and pursuing commercial land that is challenged, contaminated, or has other environmental issues.

Brownfield Initiative Issues

We are especially adept at assisting in the development of land that may be eligible for Brownfield initiatives. We pursue all forms of Brownfield incentives for our clients, making it more feasible for them to redevelop land within more populated areas.

We work with the regulators and the municipal, state and federal governments to increase incentives and reduce project overhead. We have also assisted clients in obtaining:

  • Historic preservation
  • Zoning variances
  • Federal income tax credits
  • MSHDA federal income tax credits
  • Other job creation related incentives, including CDGB funds and MEDC/MEGA funding

We can provide a complete and integrated incentive package for our clients.

Contact Us For Help With All Real Estate Development Issues

We are also recognized by many for our extensive knowledge and experience in wetland banking . We have worked with many big box companies, guiding them and developers so that they can obtain wetland permits they need.

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